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odyssey: Sunset over the western Pacific, photographed from Apollo 13, April 1970.
Sequence of 9 Hasselblad photographs, starting over the central Pacific. As the Earth turns, eastern Asia (top) and Australia (bottom) come in to view.
Apollo 13 was launched on the 11th April. From the geography visible and sunset times for April 1970, I estimate the sequence covers 2-2.5 hours, most likely ending around 7:30am GMT on the 12th.
At 3am on the 14th, en route to the Moon, Apollo 13’s no. 2 oxygen tank exploded. The planned lunar landing was aborted, and scientists and engineers on the ground were forced to improvise a way to get the astronauts home alive in the damaged spacecraft. 
Apollo 13 finally returned to Earth on the 17th, splashing down in the southern Pacific - just left of twilight at the start of the sequence above.
Image credit: NASA/JSC, c/o LPI. Animation: AgeOfDestruction.